The World After the Fall Wiki

The The World After the Fall was presumably released in 2016-2017. Since the webnovel is based in South Korea, it is difficult to find accurate information on its exact release date. It is a post-apocalyptic fantasy webnovel, written by the Korean author duo known as 싱숑, or Sing-Shong in English translation. It was originally written in Korean, but it was translated by an unknown translator on Webnovel.

The first chapter of the webnovel can be read on the official website


Jaehwan was a normal person who was buying chips at his local convenience store. Suddenly, weird towers appeared across the globe, summoning people within. Jaehwan accepted the summons, witnessed monsters decimate his homeworld, and prevailed against the 100 levels and their respective boss monsters. At the end, he realized the Tower was an illusion, and that humanity was never destroyed. Now he fights against the people who created the Towers, which are cultivation methods for the Gods and the Lords. As he fights them all, Jaehwan swears to destroy the system and the world that wronged him.

His final enemy is Big Brother, the master of the System itself.

Webnovel Synopsis

This is a story of a man who had refused to go back into the past when everyone else had decided to do so.

Until the very end.


In February 7th, The World After the Fall manhwa was released. It is currently being produced by Redice Studio and published by Naver Webtoon. It is currently being translated by Flamescans, an unofficial translation group.